The Goodness of Saving Bits

by Elizabeth Berger

“In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught”

Baba Dioum

As a quilter, I have fabric and a stash that I love, or at one time loved. This fabric is neatly organized by color and it is my hope and intent to use all of it? Some of it? Most of it? I am not sure it I can fully execute this plan, but I have slowed down in my buying and now, when I use something from my stash, I loudly proclaim it to all of my friends. “I used stash for this project!”

That being said, I also save bits. The pieces, strips, and weird cuts. I have my strips sorted by color and organized, but am now grouping my “bits” from other projects and keeping them together. They are in a bin co-habitating nicely. My plan is to make future crumb blocks or improv blocks. These bits tend to be solids and I believe solids play together nicely.

But why do we save all of these bits? Every sewist I know owns more fabric than she/he will ever use and yet we hang on to so many small bits. I assume because we loved it when we bought it and now it is hard to throw out?

I am enjoying my “bits” and hoping to use more and more. Because I do have a love affair with the fabric I have purchased and want to create with all of it.

Take a look at Penny Lane’s Squircles quilt! It will make you smile.

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