The Cornucopia of QuiltCon

by Elizabeth Berger
Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden Chihuly Exhibit

One of the definitions of a cornucopia is “an abundant supply of good things of a specified kind.” That is how I would describe QuiltCon. The Chihuly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens was the icing on the cake. The picture above is the cornucopia and sums up my days at the QuiltCon.

Seeing quilts in person, talking to and meeting people and being quilt obsessed others is truly a unique and wonderful experience.

I arrived home a bit tired, but also wired and inspired. I like the ‘cone of creativity’ that is just talking quilts, comparing notes with other quilters and seeing what is hanging in the show. So much inspiration and creativity. The different perspectives that make up these quilts is humbling. A spark of an idea, finding the fabrics and then a quilt is created.

No quilts in this post…. but the beauty of amazing glass in the desert. As QuiltCon began with a flourish of curious people… it ended with the peace of the cool blue glass against a dark sky.

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