Sometimes You Need a Palate Cleanser

by Elizabeth Berger

In the land of quilting, it is always exciting to begin new project. I will not say no. Because the lure of new fabric for a new project or pulling from my own stash for a new project is irresistible to me. I always want to begin something new.

However, I am game to set all projects aside for the “palate cleanser.” You know this. It is the quick quilt pattern that you love and can do in a weekend or in a week. You begin and have momentum and you finish and are so pleased with yourself. Because you finished a quilt. And you love this quilt. Because a completed quilt is like winning the lottery.

My first “palate cleanser” was done a few months ago. The Snowflake Quilt by Modern Handcraft. I used stash and it ate up a lot of my creams and some whites and was utterly satisfying. I highly recommend this pattern.

A snowflake in the snow

My latest palate cleanser is Modern Chain by Heather Kojan. Many layout options and was fast to piece. And fun to play with layouts. And I want to make another one!

Still piecing… but so close to being done.

And now back to the grindstone… where perhaps I pick up a UFO….stay tuned.

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