Scrappy Scares Me…

by Elizabeth Berger

and I am not sure why? I mean, I bought this fabric. So, at one point in my life, I saw it and loved it or liked it a lot. I petted it and either dreamt of a future project or was hoarding it for the perfect quilt. Or I used some of it to make some lovely items and this is what is left.

But, back to scraps. I like scrappy in theory. Rather, I like to use up my fabric. This feels like winning a race. Using up the last piece of fabric that I loved and kept is both joyful and a bit sad. I mean, I used it up, so I should get a prize? But then if I am mixing all of my scraps together… they should create beauty. Right? Because I choose pretty things. But wait, some of this fabric was bought years ago. Do I still love it? Kind of? But again, I want to use it to win the prize.

So, I am working on a scrappy Christmas quilt. Some of these fabrics are OLD! But Christmas fabrics seem gentler. Equally festive and therefore forgiving. This is my hope. And I am attaching a photo of my pile. The pattern is Diamonds on a String by Heather Kojan. Very scrappy happy. Stay tuned.

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