Hopes and Dreams

by Elizabeth Berger

Are you making a list? of goals? wants? ufo’s to finish?

I am officially making my 2021 list of quilty hopes and dreams for the new year. I have a list of what is in progress and am hopeful to finish. Last year I went through all of my projects and they were sorted into what to keep and what to donate. And while I am game on any day to begin a new project, I like to begin a new year starting some projects that have been laid aside for whatever reason. To revisit and complete, what once was new and shiny and has been stuffed into a bin. And why was it stuffed into a bin? Well, because something else new and shiny appeared and distracted me.

One of my 2021 goals is more Solids!

I always choose a print. And yet, I love all of the solid quilts I see. They are graphic and inspiring. And I am hopeful. And as someone once said to me… solids never go out of style.

So…. a toast to all of our quilty hopes and dreams. 2021 is almost here and we have much to create.

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