Are you ever stuck?

by Elizabeth Berger

I finished a quilt. And yes, I have many projects in progress, but I am itching to begin something new. But which pattern? Instagram is inspiring, but also overwhelming with talent and eye candy. So, I look through my patterns and am not sure what to choose.

My plan is to use more solids. To see what I can make and achieve with them, but wait! I have a lot of solids. So, where do I begin? I pull out my bin of solids, which are bit and pieces and some small yardage (smaller than a fat quarter) and decided I will choose some colors I like.

I had to add one print, as just solids was a lot to ask. But, then I got lost in it and the process. And the making of wee bits. And no plan. And more making. And that, my friends, was creating, which felt so satisfying.

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